2014 New Year’s Leadership Resolutions

New Post from Andrew Brunhart

andrew brunhart resolutions2013 saw many, many books published about the strategies of an effective leader, and no doubt 2014 will bring even more. As the US economy continues to grow, and with it Start Up culture, more and more people are holding the magnifying glass up to people in leadership roles, trying to determine how and why some succeed while others fail.

There are a few basics we all know. We all know an effective leader gives and inspires trust and respect, and possesses emotional intelligence, self awareness, communication and listening skills, and the ability to to withstand pressure and handle responsibilities. But what are some other qualities that can be useful? Here, on the brink of 2014, let’s take a moment to consider what our New Year’s leadership resolutions might be. Here are just a couple possibilities:

  1. Knowing thyself better. Many leaders try to mimic tactics used by other leaders, and with startlingly less success. While being inspired by the examples set by mentors or competitors is great, it’s also important to know who you are and to stay true to yourself. Forget how John Q. Successman inspires trust–how do you inspire trust? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but originality and sincerity go a long way.
  2. Stay excited and stay urgent. Things are moving faster and faster every day, and neither you nor your company can afford to live on the back foot. This doesn’t mean anxiety for anxiety’s sake, but it does mean make sure you’re pushing your employees to work to their full potential. Expect the unexpected and strive to be two steps ahead at all times.
  3. Recognize that collaboration is king. When times are tight and companies are forced to cut corners, teamwork and group bonding are often the first thing to go, but this is wrong. Collaboration–when each employee is willing to go to bat for the others, and knows they’d do the same–is the only path to success.
  4. Lead in thought as well as action. Always be looking at numbers and sussing out patterns in whatever your industry is. Establish your own process that fits your company’s mission uniquely and efficiently, and always be ready to adapt that process as things change. At the same time, involve yourself more in the day to day. Know as much as you can about every single responsibility you delegate.
  5. Don’t be so afraid to take risks. Have infectious enthusiasm and passion for exploring new possibilities that no one has dreamed of before. While employees should always trust their coworkers and superiors without reservation, movement forward really only happens in situations where individuals are taken out of their comfort zone. Work every day to find this balance of safety and risk.

Which of these do you need to work on the most in 2014?

via Andrew Brunhart: A Career in Leadership http://andrewbrunhartwssc.com/2013/12/28/new-years-resolutions-andrew-brunhart/


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