A Leader Is Like a Parent

New Post from Andrew Brunhart

andrew brunhart leader parentLeadership expert, Simon Sinek, has dazzled over 14 million people with his TED talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” He has continued his educating the public about leadership with his new book, “Leader’s Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t.”

The driving point of his new book is that fundamentally, a leader is like a parent. Parents put their children’s needs in front of their own. They fight for their children’s success and hope that their children will live a better life than their own. Sinek notes that these are all the same attitudes of a great leader. On the CBS This Morning he said, in regard to parenting, “Leadership is exactly, exactly the same. Leaders are the ones who are willing to risk, when it matters, their own interests, so that others may advance.”

Sinek also mentions that both roles are fun in the beginning before the hard work begins. The joy of having a baby is quickly followed by the reality that a ton of hard work follows with raising a child. Sinek equates that to a company, “Starting the company, that’s the fun. But, actually becoming a leader and choosing to put peoples’ interests before your own, that’s a choice.”

Sinek stresses that great work environments are based on trust and cooperation. These are not things that you can simply tell people to do. A great leader must create an environment that fosters trust and cooperation because of dependability. Employers can do this by choosing to be a great leader and putting their employees first.

The title of Sinek’s new book, “Leader’s Eat Last,” came from a Marine general. “When you go to any chow hall…you will see the Marines line up in rank order- most junior first and most senior last. It’s not in any rulebook and no one tells them they have to. They do it because that’s how they view leadership. We view leadership as rank; they view it as a responsibility.”

via Andrew Brunhart: A Career in Leadership http://ift.tt/1jU08MW


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