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andrew brunhart world coinsThe realm of coin collecting in the United States needs to reach beyond U.S. coins and capitalize on international markets. In his articles “Gold Coins and Quality Rules in Heritage World Coin Auction,” (January 8, 2014), Greg Reynolds notes that world coins are valued much high than U.S. coins. At the New York International Numismatic Convention, high quality gold coins post-1300, particularly those of the 19th century proved to be the most valuable at auction.

Many US coin collectors get their start in US coinage. It is easy to start this type of collection when you’re young and that is often how people become interested in collecting. However, looking beyond the US coinage can open up areas of great investment potential for non-US coins and banknotes.

Numismatics is quickly becoming a popular international hobby. As people start participating worldwide the global demand is increasing as collectors and investors expand their disposable income. Coin collecting has been a hobby for thousands of years and because it is becoming more popular today, the supply of the best material will be purchased. So now is the best time to invest in a carefully selected numismatic item to get the greatest return on your investment as it becomes more desirable.

The US may no longer be the center of the numismatic world. As you consider the thousands of years of coins throughout empires and countries in the entire world, it brings to light that US coins are overvalued. Or, the case may be, that other countries coins are undervalued. That may change as more and more international players get into the market. Even though it may be overwhelming to consider the amount of material in the world market: ancient coins, medieval coins, world coins, and banknotes, it is worth doing your research to purchase the right item. With the current trends in collecting, your investment will pay off quite handsomely.

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