Changing Face of Leadership

andrew brunhart globalization

There are some elements of great leadership that will never change. A leader must inspire, motivate, and encourage their teams to fulfill their common goal. However, even though those basic principles of leadership will never change, the environment in which leaders must lead is constantly evolving. Here are the biggest challenges for leaders.

First, a great leader today must keep up with rapidly evolving technology. This is especially true for business leaders. You must be able to embrace the latest tools of the job and use it to help your staff and your business gets ahead. If you, yourself, are unable to keep up with all the current trends, make sure that someone on your staff is and have them update you with how they are using technology to benefit your company.

Another thing that the current business leader has to stay ahead of is globalization and changing demographics. The Internet has opened up endless possibilities for taking your business global, don’t ignore that fact! Find opportunities in your field to access untapped markets and take advantage of our “shrinking” world. Pay attention to what goes on in business throughout the world because it will most likely affect you. Additionally, pay attention to the demographics of your consumers because they are probably changing. Demographics everywhere are shifting as people become more itinerant and migrate across the country and globe. This matters not only in who you are selling to, but in who you are hiring. Make sure your work force is diverse so that you can have as many perspectives as possible.

It is also important as a leader to understand the needs and motivations of your customer base. This is also changing as fast as technology and the world are changing so keep your eyes and ears open. The CEO of home fitness solutions company Nautilus, Bruce Cazenave says, “not only can business leaders get caught up in outdated policies and yesterday’s successes; they can also quickly lose sight of the emerging needs of their target audience…It’s imperative to understand the emotional and intellectual essentials of your customers better than anyone else, and then motivate your organization to deliever innovative, relevant products and solutions that meet [customers’] needs.”

from Andrew Brunhart: Transforming Organizational Performance to Improve the Bottom-Line


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