Coin Collecting On A Small Budget

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andrew brunhart budgetTo some coin collecting seems like an expensive and all consuming hobby. However, there are ways to collect on a budget in the United States. For example, a Lincoln Cent from 1959 and beyond has the Lincoln Memorial on it. Before that time the coin featured two wheat stalks around the words “one cent.” The wheat stalk coins were minted between 1909 and 1958 and are almost completely out of circulation. However, the Lincoln memorial version of the cents are still around and one with a small budget could easily get a blue coin book with each year and slowly fill up their collection.

A place to find coins cheaply may be in an older friend or relatives house. Many keep change jars and if you look through them you may find a few Lincoln Memorial cents and some other valuable finds.

Another, more inexpensive coin to collect is the State Quarter series. Many of these books are widely available and fun to find all fifty. If you collect all of those coins you can starts to look for the two series that followed, the Possession and the National Parks series. The fifty state series started in 1999 and included five different quarters each year. Every state quarter has something memorable from each state like a monument, flower, or something else unique about the state. All of the 50 state coins were struck in the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Cardboard maps were also released to place a coin in each slot in its actual location on a map of the U.S. It makes a beautiful display and the total investment in collecting all 50 is only $12.50.

These are just two inexpensive ways to collect coins. However, keep in mind that any series that is in circulation is easily collectable if you keep your eye out. Look through pocket change, change jars, and keep an eye to the ground for something in a series that you might want to collect.

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